“Journeys may come to an end, but memories last forever” The Voyage onboard Japan Coast Guard Training Ship Kojima

06 September, 2021

The Kojima tour was structured to facilitate interactions between international MSP students and JCG officer-under trainees. Furthermore, the tour provided experience regarding the Japan onboard training to MSP students. The voyage was planned from Kure to Hokkaido from August 3rd-5th (a 3-day passage) and included various activities such as leaving and entering the harbor, navigation through a narrow strait, observation of key training/ operation activities, and interaction sessions with officer-under trainees. The participants even had the opportunity to enjoy the scenic sights along Japan’s coastline during the passage. We also presented the roles of our coast guard agencies and viewed the interactive presentations of JCG officer-under trainees as well.

On August 2nd, 2021, we embarked Kojima and we were warmly welcomed by the designated under trainee officers. Afterward, we made a courtesy call to the Commanding Officer. Then, we were taken on a short ship orientation program and briefed about the daily life on board in order to understand the basic arrangements and directions to be followed during the passage. In the evening, an embarkation ceremony was held where we were officially welcomed by the Commanding officer and the ship staff.

When it comes to professional capabilities, JCG officer under trainees who were onboard proved their capacity, professionalism, and dedication to their assigned jobs to the highest standard. We observed many operational and training activities they undertook and participated in for three days and their performances were commendable. As young officers of the JCG, all events were conducted with the highest level of safety and precision. I’m certain that the future of the JCG will be in the good, capable hands of officers keenly waiting to take over their professional assignments as responsible JCG officers.

The entire passage was well organized by the JCG officer-under trainees.  Being in the accommodation facilities or dining, all amenities were provided to us and was extremely satisfying. Most importantly, all officer-under trainees took great care of us and made us feel welcome. At the end of the second day, we got the chance to share our views, ideas related to our job roles, future expectations, and life in the coast guard.

The four-day experience onboard Kojima was an unforgettable life experience and it will remain in our hearts forever. The friendships, kindness, and hospitality extended by the JCG officer-under trainees were outstanding and unforgettable. The disembarkation ceremony was held on August 5th at the Hokkaido harbor by the Commanding officer and ship crew. It was a sensitive moment for all members of the MSP 6th batch as we left the warm-hearted, good friends of the JCG. Our departure view was the sight of all the officer-under trainees gathered on the starboard side of the Kojima, waving their hands. Finally, we wish all the officers for their onward journeys, to perform with flying colors. Bon Voyage, Fair Winds, and Following Seas for everyone. 

(Prepared by Commander (C) Chinthaka Kalukapuge Sri Lanka Coast Guard)

(*They took of face masks only during the taking of photos.)

Kojima onboard tour
Kojima onboard tour
On the deck of Kojima
On the deck of Kojima