Kure Gulf
April 1951 Established as an auxiliary organ of Japan Coast Guard.
June 1951 Opened at a temporary building at Etchujima, Tokyo, and an entrance ceremony held for the first-time freshmen of Regular Course.
April 1952 Relocated to the present site in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture.
April 1965 Chairs for professors adopted in place of Department system.
February 1966 Graduates of Regular Course approved as fulfilling the requirements for admission to the graduate schools of national universities.
December 1970 The laboratory building 1 completed.
September, 1972 Designated as a (first kind) ship officer training institutions.
November, 1972 The diving training pool completed.
December, 1973 The laboratory Buildings 2A and 2B completed.
February, 1975 Graduates from the regular course exempted from the preliminary test to the State Law granted.
November 1976 The new main building completed.
August 1979 The new dormitory (MITSUISHI dormitory) completed.
September, 1979 Japan Coast Guard Museum completed.
April 1980 A female cadet admitted for the first time.
April 1982

The Chair system reorganized and Chief Professorship established.
Specialized Courses divided and the chair system enhanced.

June 1985 The new auditorium/gymnasium completed.
October 1991 The new library and women's dormitory (URUME dormitory) completed.
March 1992 Bachelor's degree (Maritime Safety) granted to the graduates of Regular Course.
March, 1993 The pier for the training vessel "KOJIMA" completed.
May, 1994 Around-the-world training voyage by "KOJIMA" started.
February, 1995 Japan Coast Guard Training Center completed.
August, 1995 Study rooms of the Dormitory enlarged.
April 2001 Foreign cadets admitted for the first time.
June, 2001 the 50th Anniversary celebrated.
May, 2002 The International Research Center for Marine Policy established.
March, 2004 The Integrated Training Building completed, the Red Brick Hall repaired.
April, 2004 The chairs system reorganizaed. The new curriculum introduced.
September, 2004 Japan Coast Guard Simulation Center completed.
March, 2009 Designated as a research institution by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
March, 2010 The training building completed.
September, 2010 The diving training pool completed.
February, 2020 The Cast Guard nternational Center completed.
April 2023 Center for Maritime Safety and Security Studies established.