Details of Specialized Subjects

Specialized education

Specialized Education is a professional one required of the administrative officials in charge of maritime safety, centering around laws and subjects related to maritime safety administration. Cadets choose one of two Fields. "Special Study", which is among the required subjects and starts in the 6th semester, is for producing graduation thesis.

Common Subjects

Required Administrative Law, International Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Coast Guard's Theory, Maritime Criminal Investigation, Exercises in Maritime Criminal Investigation, Search and Rescue, Exercises in Search and Rescue, Maritime Environmental Conservation and Disaster Prevention, Maritime Traffic Policy, Special Study.

Elective Fields

Elective Elective Field 1.
Maritime Law Enforcement, Maritime Criminology, Police Administrative Policy, Exercises in Police Administrative Policy, International Conflict, Exercises in International Conflict, International Law of the Sea.
Elective Field 2.
Maritime Traffic Engineering, Exercises in Maritime Traffic Engineering, System Engineering, Maritime Safety Engineering, Exercises in Maritime Safety Engineering, International Maritime Safety Policy, Sea Rescue Engineering, Maritime Disaster Prevention Engineering.