Details of Specialized Basic Subjects

Specialized basic education

Specialized Basic Education is a professional one required of the sea going officials in charge of maritime safety administration. Elective subjects are devided into three Clusters. Cadets are asked to choose one of these three Clusters.

Common Subjects

Required International Politics, Policy Science, Computer Science, Exercises in Computer Literacy, Meteorology, Oceanography, Practical English.
Elective Introduction to Navigation, Introduction to Marine Engineering, Introduction to Communication Systems.

Cluster Subjects

Elective Cluster 1 (Navigation).
Navigation 1, 2 and 3, Exercises in Navigation 1 and 2, Nautical Instruments 1 and 2, Ship Maneuvering 1 and 2, Experiments in Ship Motion Engineering, Safety Navigation Engineering 1, Maritime Law 1 and 2, Marine Meteorology, Naval Architecture 1 and 2, Exercises in Naval Architecture, Ship Hydrodynamics.
Cluster 2 (Marine Engineering).
Strength of Materials, Structure and Properties of Materials, Mechanical Component, Exercises in Mechining Method, Mechanical Dynamics, Machine Design, Control System Engineering, Exercises in Machine Design and Drawing, Marine Engineering 1 and 2, Exercises in Marine Engineering, Ship Equipment Engineering, Exercise in Ship Equipment Engineering, Fuel and Lubrication Engineering, Hydrodynamics, Industrial Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Electric Circuits, Electric Machinery, Experiment in Marine System Engineering.
Cluster 3 (Information and Communication).
Information Theory, System and Control Theory, Mathematical Programming, Signal Processing, Computer Architecture, Logic Circuits, Information Networks, Mobile Communication, Circuit Theory, Electronic Devices, Digital Circuits, Communication Theory, Communication Systems, Electromagnetic Wave Engineering, Advanced Calculus, Exercises in Information System 1 and 2, Experiments in Communication Engineering.