"KOJIMA" (The 1st) PL106

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KOJIMA the 1st KOJIMA and Crew
Summary Built during the Second World War and survived to become the training vessel.
Tonnage852 gross tons
Length72.50 m
Breadth9.10 m
Depth5.34 m
Main Engines2 diesel, twin propellers
2,100 hp x 2
Speed17.0 kts
BuilderSasebo Dockyard
Commissioned 20 March 1945: As an escort ship the Shiga for the Imperial Japanese Navy.
30 November 1945: Decommissioned.
1 December 1945: Commissioned as a mine sweeper.
1 November 1946: US ferry between Hakata and Pusan.
31 December 1947: Transferred to the Ministry of Transportation.
15 January 1949: Kept in Yokosuka as a reserve.
31 December 1950: Renamed the Shigamaru and used for weather patrol.
Transferred 1 January 1954: Renamed the Kojima.
23 June 1954: Converted into a training vessel.
21 September 1955: Reinforced.
KOJIMA the 1st KOJIMA the 1st
July - September 1958: Reinforced.
Cadet Training 1954: The 1st training cruise to Midway.
1955 - 1959: The 2nd - 6th trainig cruises to Hawaii.
KOJIMA the 1st KOJIMA in Hawaii
1960 - 1962: The 7th - 9th training cruises to Hawaii and the west coast of USA.
Bridge Bow
Repatriation 17 - 22 April 1956: Transported 36 Japanese from Chaho (North Korea) to Maizuru.
30 November 1956 - 4 December 1956: Transported 23 Japanese from Nakhodka (Soviet Union) to Maizuru.
Decommissioned 5 May 1964
August 1965: Sold to Chiba City.
May 1966 - 1993: Maritime Public Hall in Chiba.
KOJIMA the 1st KOJIMA the 1st
(By courtesy of Mr T. Okamoto and Mr M. Sakoguchi)
Scrapped January 1998 in Chiba. Equipment for navigation is kept at Inage Memorial Hall in Chiba.
KOJIMA the 1st
(By courtesy of Mr S. Ozaki)
Remark 1Main data from S. Fukui, "History of Imperial Japanese Navy Ships" (in Japanese), 1994,
1020 t, 72.50 x 9.10 x 3.05 m, 4200 hp, 19.5 kts.
Remark 2Main data from "30 Years of Japan Coast Guard" (in Japanese), 1979,
852 t, 2300 hp x 2, 19.0 kts.