Kure Gulf
April 1951: Established as an auxiliary organ of Japan Coast Guard.
June 1951: Opened at a temporary building at Etchujima, Tokyo, and an entrance ceremony held for the first-time freshmen of Regular Course.
April 1952: Relocated to the present site in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture.
April 1965: Chairs for professors adopted in place of Department system.
February 1966: Graduates of Regular Course approved as fulfilling the requirements for admission to the graduate schools of national universities.
December 1970: The laboratory building 1 completed.
September, 1972: Designated as a (first kind) ship officer training institutions.
November, 1972: The diving training pool completed.
December, 1973: The laboratory Buildings 2A and 2B completed.
February, 1975: Graduates from the regular course exempted from the preliminary test to the State Law granted.
November 1976: The new main building completed.
August 1979: The new dormitory (MITSUISHI dormitory) completed.
September, 1979: Japan Coast Guard Museum completed.
April 1980: A female cadet admitted for the first time.
April 1982: The Chair system reorganized and Chief Professorship established.
April, 1982: Specialized Courses divided and the chair system enhanced.
June 1985: The new auditorium/gymnasium completed.
October 1991: The new library and women's dormitory (URUME dormitory) completed.
March 1992: Bachelor's degree (Maritime Safety) granted to the graduates of Regular Course.
March, 1993: The pier for the training vessel "KOJIMA" completed.
May, 1994: Around-the-world training voyage by "KOJIMA" started.
February, 1995: Japan Coast Guard Training Center completed.
August, 1995: Study rooms of the Dormitory enlarged.
April 2001: Foreign cadets admitted for the first time.
June, 2001: the 50th Anniversary celebrated.
May, 2002: The International Research Center for Marine Policy established.
March, 2004: The Integrated Training Building completed, the Red Brick Hall repaired.
April, 2004: The chairs system reorganizaed. The new curriculum introduced.
September, 2004: Japan Coast Guard Simulation Center completed.